The Gift

I wrote this poem for Christmas last year. I share it with you again this Christmas season with the prayer that your hearts will truly know the reason for the season, and that that head-and-heart knowledge will bring you peace through the year to come.

Merry Christmas!



God creating

Ages passing

Mankind struggling, warring, hoping

Prophets warning

Darkness sinking

Painful steps and slow


Father reaching

Gabriel bidding

Mary trembling, trying, trusting

Joseph reeling

Angel speaking

Mary, did you know


Livestock lulling

Dung heap reeking

Manger waiting, holding, cradling

Mary nuzzling

Joseph shielding

Royal beauty bright


Shepherds minding

Night sky bursting

Angels swelling, praising, lauding

Outcasts scouring

Baby drawing

To Thy perfect light


Heavens glowing

New star charming

Magi tracking, chasing, seeking

Herod killing

Mothers wailing

Forms are bending low


Baby growing

Manchild teaching

Jesus living, leading, loving

Students wond’ring

Masses crowding

Rest unto your souls


Saviour dying

Soldiers gaming

Mary weeping, wond’ring, watching

Father leaving

Satan roaring

Silent stars go by


Gospel spreading

Ages passing

Man rejecting, struggling, praying

Rulers vying

Angels battling

Still we see Thee lie


Shoppers jostling

Cashiers cringing

Devil scheming, cheating, lying

Santas jingling

Trickster duping

Making spirits bright


Father reaching

Jesus bidding

Spirit moving, sealing, guiding

Angels fighting

Mankind’s hurting

Met in Thee tonight